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Use This Great Bodybuilding Method To Make The Most Of Your Penis Enlargement Potential

Bodybuilders are a serious bunch. These men and women take bodybuilding to its full potential and do everything they can to build bigger and bigger muscles. What can be learned from bodybuilding that we can apply to building the penis?

One of the commandments of bodybuilding is to eat protein. Eat, sleep, drink protein. There’s a pretty simple reason for this. That reason is that to build muscle you need to have a lot of protein in the body. And to build bigger muscles, you also need as much protein as you can get.

Protein is also very important for penis builders. However, we are more concerned with another supplement. This supplement is known as vitamin C.

Stick with me, as this is invaluable information. When you exercise your penis, you are putting tremendous physical stress on the skin, tissues, ligaments, and blood vessels of the penis. They are damaged during the exercise of the penis. Now this is not a cause for concern as rubbing your hand against a blanket will damage the cells. But when we stretch, pull, and jelq our penises, we damage the tissues inside and out. In ways the penis is not used to.

These tissues have to heal. The only way they can heal is if you have vitamin C. Vitamin C is a must for building cells, rebuilding cells and making cells stronger.

If you have low stores of vitamin C in your body, these tissues will take longer to heal. Guess what? If these tissues are constantly damaged and not replaced with healthy tissue, you won’t notice much improvement in your penis size. You’re going to keep damaging these tissues over and over again.

In order for the penis to rebuild itself bigger, you need to establish new cell foundations based on the body’s reaction to the exercises you’ve introduced. See, the exercises are kind of a recast of the template that your penis is based on. You are introducing a new penis template into your system. But if the cells are weak or damaged or cannot be made adequately for this new template, your body will not be able to use this template as a base to build a bigger penis for you.

The result is that your penis simply does not have the proper building materials. These building materials need vitamin C. Vitamin C is needed to make collagen for blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, and skin.

These same tissues, by the way, are the exact tissues that you will be working on with penis enlargement exercises.

So, just as the bodybuilder takes large amounts of protein to build bigger muscles, so too the bodybuilder should take plenty of vitamin C to help him build stronger penile cells and tissue.

The body does not store vitamin C. The body does not make it either. This means that you have to constantly make sure that your body is getting the vitamin C it needs. It must be introduced into the body through supplements or the diet.

This simple tip will help your penis grow faster.


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