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Can I purchase your jerky subscription in international markets?

Can I purchase your jerky subscription in international markets?

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or as a gift, our Jerky of the Month Club is the perfect way to experience all the amazing flavors of our artisan meat snacks. Choose between two or four bags of premium jerky delivered to your door monthly.

The jerky snack market is a dynamic landscape, shaped by diverse consumer preferences and cultural nuances. While beef dominates in North America, jerky made from pork, poultry, and even plant-based protein is gaining ground worldwide.

International markets

The jerky market is a dynamic one, responding quickly to shifting consumer demands. Brands listen to consumer feedback and adjust their offerings accordingly, whether it’s by offering organic options or introducing low-sodium varieties. They also expand their flavor landscape by introducing new and exciting options like spicy chili, tangy citrus blends, or globally inspired tastes.

Consumers around the world are shifting away from carb-rich snacks and towards high-protein alternatives. This is driving demand for jerky products across the globe. Additionally, consumers are focusing on purchasing products with clean labels that clearly display the list of ingredients used.

A subscription to our jerky subscription is the perfect gift for any meat lover or health-conscious foodie. We offer monthly or bi-annual subscriptions as well as a one-time prepaid option. You can add a personalized note to your order when checking out, making this the perfect present for any occasion. The best part is, shipping is free! So give a loved one the gift of jerky today!


Jerky is a dynamic segment of the snack industry, evolving rapidly to align with consumers’ preferences for protein-rich, convenient snacks. The market also offers a variety of options to meet consumers’ preferences for organic and other health-oriented products, with small-town artisanal producers offering an alternative that supports local communities.

Jerk-lovers can now discover new brands and hard-to-find flavors that fit their discerning palates with jerky subscriptions. And when they give these boxes as gifts, they’re supporting small-town artisanal producers and their families.

While the jerky industry has historically offered lower-quality meat sticks geared toward male consumers, it is now evolving to offer a variety of premium snacks that cater to health-conscious shoppers with particular preferences. According to food industry news publication NOSH, a shift towards organic and natural ingredients is one of the key factors contributing to these trends, with artisanal jerky producers able to capitalize on the growing preference for a more wholesome experience.

North America

Jerky is a snack beloved by Native American tribes, pioneers, and settlers for its high protein content and long shelf life. Now, with shifting consumer demands and healthy eating trends driving growth in the meat snack industry, there is an opportunity for entrepreneurial companies to bring more premium beef jerky products to market.

Look for a subscription box that offers a curated selection of top quality, artisan, low-carb and sugar-free jerky snacks from small-town artisans. This will ensure that you receive delicious flavors that will elevate your jerky experience and unlock a world of flavors you never imagined.

The best jerky subscription boxes also provide you with the option of adding a personalized gift note for free! This is the perfect way to give a jerky gift that will be remembered. The recipient will not only get a box of jerky when they order, but they’ll continue to receive shipments on a monthly basis until they cancel their subscription!


Jerky is a healthy snack that can satisfy hunger and provide a boost in energy. The growing dietary trend toward protein and shift away from carbohydrates is expected to stimulate demand for this snacking option.

This jerky is made from premium cuts of top-round sirloin and chef-crafted marinades to create the ultimate jerky experience. With a variety of flavors, this jerky is sure to please everyone in your family.

Singapore-style fire-grilled jerky is an authentic Asian snack that originated in the street and sold by local hawkers over 100 years ago. It is the most smuggled meat snack by returning Americans visiting Asia Pacific countries, according to US Customs. It has a light sweet taste, semi-dried texture, is lightly glazed and has natural smoky BBQ flavor from the 600F degree fire grilling process. This jerky is a three times Los Angeles Times’ “Handmade Gift” and Food Category winner. It’s a delicious and unique gift for any occasion.

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