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Twitter – Home to Some Flying Monkeys Crossword Puzzle

Flying Monkeys Crossword Puzzle

On this page you’ll discover the answer to Home to a flying monkey crossword puzzle. This is one of the most fun and addictive crosswords. It was first seen on New York Times Crossword Page July 9th this year. If the puzzle does not fit or there something wrong please email us!

The New York Times published this interesting puzzle that features a flying monkey as its main theme. The caption read: Home to some Flying Monkeys? The clue is taken from the New York Times July 8th edition. The flying monkeys are taking over the house! Can you figure out what’s in the new puzzle and who the mystery person is?

Flying monkey delta 8

There are many clues in the New York Times puzzle which feature flying monkeys, but there seems to be a missing one for July 9th. The clue states: Home to some Flying Monkeys? There is an online crossword that takes clues from the New York Times. The clue may have been removed due to high volume and low click-through rates, according to Google. We’ll keep looking for clues and trying to find the one that finally gives us the answer!

Twitter – Home to Some Flying Monkeys Crossword Puzzle

Many people are trying to figure out if there is a real home to some flying monkeys puzzle. Could it be a new trend that shows no signs of stopping? Or could it be yet another April Fools Day prank by someone out to get us all in the mood for some gossip?

What we do know is that there are several online sites which feature this particular puzzle. One user wrote that she had lost the original copy of the July 9th puzzle but found it on a web site where she could not remember the name of it, but that it was related to the Free Bird puzzle. There is also a clue section on a German web site. A different reader suggested that it might be a home to some flying monkeys puzzle since the name sounds funny (a reference to monkeys in general)

Are these flying monkeys the newest addition to someone’s Twitter account? Is there any indication as to when they might make their debut? If you have an account set up for various social media outlets, you might want to check them out. Perhaps you can solve the mystery yourself and bring back the joy of solving a puzzle that involves flying monkeys!

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