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The 5 best beaches to hang your hammock on Kauai

Kauai, the Garden Island, is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and offers a breathtaking landscape to visitors. The seemingly endless and beautifully soft beaches of Kauai invite people to sit back, relax, and enjoy it all. Grab a hammock, a beach chair or a simple towel and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of Kauai’s beaches.

1. Maha’ulepu Beach – This beach sits on privately owned land, on one of the last undeveloped shores, and has incredibly beautiful blue water. Maha’ulepu is also a record of Hawaiian history; it is there that King Kamehameah sent his troops in a failed attempt to capture Kauai. Maha’ulepu can be found at the end of Po’ipu Road after a 2-3 mile drive on dirt roads. Take the time to walk the beach and rocky ridge to find a perfect place to start your day and take in the stunning views.

2. Ke’e Beach: Ke’e Beach is on the north side of the island where the road ends. Parking on this beach can be difficult, but it is worth the walk. Ke’e Beach is attractive due to its beautifully soft sand, crystal blue water, and nearby shade trees. Ke’e Beach is surrounded by a reef that breaks the oncoming waves and provides calm waters for snorkelling. This beach is also frequented by two of Hawaii’s local celebrities: the monk seal and the green seal turtle. For hiking enthusiasts, the beach is also close to the Kalalau trailhead (only the first 2 miles are open for hiking without a permit). Ke’e Beach is perfect for a relaxing afternoon in the sun. Pack a lunch and get ready to relax and enjoy.

3. Anini Beach: Anini Beach is located between the towns of Kilauea and Princeville. Anini is a long stretch of soft sand beaches with generally calm and warm waters. This beach is perfect for the novice diver, stand-up surfer, kayaker, or the average beach bum. The calm waters of Anini provide an exceptional location for all activities. Anini Beach Park is equipped with showers, campsites, and grills to provide the perfect setting for all visitors. Part of the beach is lined with trees to provide shade, to hang a hammock or place a chair.

4. Ha’ena Beach Park: The Ha’ena Beach Park is located in the town of Ha’ena, right in front of the Maniniholo Dry Cave. This is a popular beach, so parking is difficult. Tunnels, a popular snorkeling spot, is to the right of Ha’ena Beach Park. These tunnels are created by the reef system near the shore. Divers will find vast corridors created by the reef, including the fantastic array of wildlife found within it. Visitors should keep their eyes peeled for the many types of tropical fish and green sea turtles that can be found there.

5. Hanalei Bay: In Hanalei Bay you can find calm, crystal clear waters and wonderfully soft sand. The bay offers beautiful views and endless sunshine. The calm waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, or just about any other activity visitors want to try. Hanalei Bay is close to the picturesque town of Hanalei, where visitors can take a break from the beach to visit some restaurants or go shopping.

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