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Simple makeup tips when wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses are a fantastic innovation that many people who are tired of wearing glasses will agree. The contact user must be used to using them and must know how to take care of them regularly.

The care and precaution of wearing contact lenses may differ when it comes to wearing makeup along with lenses.

In this article we will share with you some simple but important tips when you want to put on makeup with contact lenses.

First of all, you should always remember to insert your contact lens before applying any makeup. Make sure your hands and face are clean and dry before inserting your lens.

By putting your lens on first you will avoid hand cream, lotion, soaps or any other makeup residue on your hands. This residue will stick to your contact lens and can cause eye irritation.

Avoid using oil-free and fragrance-free cosmetics because they are difficult to remove from fingers and skin; instead, we suggest choosing a light face cream or moisturizer. Using thick or moisturizing creams around the eyes could melt and stain the lenses.

When you apply powder, do it carefully and make sure you have removed the excess powder around the eyes. We suggest you use creams and liquid gel eyeshadows as small dust particles can fall into the eye and cause irritation. Use a sponge instead of a brush.

Choose alcohol-free waterproof mascara. Apply your mascara lightly, making sure it doesn’t touch the base of your lashes. Always allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Avoid lash-lengthening mascara, which has fibers that can irritate the eyes.

When applying eyeliner, we suggest using a smooth, waterproof eyeliner instead of the liquid type. Apply your eyeliner carefully and avoid touching the inner rim of your eye as this will stain the lens.

If you need to wear your contact lenses when you use the hair dryer, try to blink often to keep your eyes from drying out.

If hairspray is required, always use it first before contacting. If this is not possible, close your eyes while spraying and open them a few seconds later or ask for help with this process.

Last but not least, always remove your contact lenses before removing your make-up at night. Again, make sure your hands are clean and dry before taking it off. We will suggest a water-based makeup remover and apply it with a pad.

I hope you will find the above information useful and trust that you will enjoy making yourself bright and beautiful eyes!

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