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Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office 101 – A Book Summary

Dr. Frankel clearly identifies the common errors -101 in
everything–that women unconsciously commit themselves to sabotaging their
careers This book provides revolutionary guides to help
today’s women eliminate feminine behaviors that
they got used to it, that they stop them professionally.

how do you play the game

Unfortunately, women are not as capable of participating in
competitive sports. Only recently have women started
leaving their traces in this field. Therefore, most women do not
Know the rules of the business game. just no
know how to play it and, more importantly, how to win it.

Some of the common mistakes women make when touching the
business game are: pretend it’s not a game; Playing
play safely and within limits; working hard; making the
What you want; avoid office politics; Being the
awareness; protective pulls; biting his tongue;
not capitalizing on relationships; and no
understand the needs of their constituents.

how you act

Being successful in the business world is not only
depending on your knowledge of how to play it. It is also
It is important to know how to act professionally. doctor frankel
lists some unlikely behaviors in the workplace that
they can be tough race destroyers.

These are: probing before making a decision; Need
to be loved; not needing to be loved; don’t ask questions
for fear of looking stupid; acting like a man; narration
the whole truth and nothing but the truth (so i help you
God); sharing too much personal information; being
too concerned about offending others; denying the
importance of money; flirting; pampering bullies;
decorate your office as your living room; feeding
others; offering a weak handshake; be financially
insecure; and, helping.

how do you think

Changing the way you think can have a great impact on a change
in your career Be aware of beliefs and thought patterns
You learn early in childhood that you need to reconsider
and then eventually forget.

Some of these are: performing miracles; taking completely
responsibility; obediently following instructions;
view men in authority as father figures; limiting
your possibilities; ignoring the quid pro quo (something
that is exchanged in exchange for something else); skipping
meetings; put work before personal life;
let people waste their time; premature abandonment
your professional goals; ignoring the importance of networking
relations; deny benefits; inventing negative
stories; and, striving for perfection.

How you brand and market yourself

Marketing yourself is just as important as marketing a
specific brand. Think of yourself as a brand that is
it needs to be marketed effectively. Along with these come
some important points that women need

The following are some mistakes to avoid in marketing
yourself: falling into the definition of your brand; minimizing your
job or position; using only your nickname or first name;
waiting to be noticed; turn down high-profile assignments;
be modest; stay in your safety zone; giving away
your ideas; work in stereotyped roles or
departments; ignore feedback; and, being invisible;

how do you sound

Pay special attention to your favorite words, tone of voice,
speed of the process of organizing speech and thought. Thesis
It often matters more than the content of your speech. Year
articulated speech will help you get graded
as knowledgeable, confident, and competent. Remember,
how it sounds understand 90% of your credibility.

Take note of these common mistakes: lying statements like
Questions; using preambles; explaining; asking permission;
apologize; use minimizing words; using qualifiers; No
answering the question; talk too fast; the inability to
speak the language of your business; use non-words; wearing
sentimental language; sandwich effect; speaking softly;
speak in a higher tone than natural; end voice
emails; not pausing or reflecting before responding.

how do you look

There is this common notion that “the best and the worst
the brightest are rewarded with promotions and options
assignments.” This is completely wrong. Those who are
sufficiently competent, healthy and with good appearance are those who

advance their careers. Statistically, the research
shows that 55% of your credibility comes from how you
appearance; 38% for how you sound; and, only 7% of what
you actually say.

Behave correctly avoiding these mistakes:
smiling inappropriately; taking up very little space;
use gestures inconsistent with your message; being
overanimated or underanimated; Bowing head; wearing
improper makeup; wearing the wrong hairstyle;
dressing inappropriately; sitting on your foot; cleanliness
in public; sitting in meetings with hands under
table; using his glasses to read around him
neck; accessories too much; and, unable to keep
eye contact;

how do you respond

It is important to know how to respond to the ways in which others
treat him. And some of the common pitfalls that women commit like
response to a given gesture are as follows:

Internalization of messages; believe that others know more than
your; take notes, drink coffee and make copies;
tolerate inappropriate behavior; showing off too much
patience; accept dead-end assignments; putting the
the needs of others before your own; denying your power;
allowing yourself to be the scapegoat; accepting the fact
fulfilled (irreversible or predetermined decisions);
allow the mistakes of others to make you uncomfortable; being
the last to speak; play the gender card; tolerating
Sexual harassment; and, crying.

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