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How to create the ultimate bachelor pad

Few men go through a stage in their lives where they are lucky or unlucky enough to live on their own and have expendable income. But when this happens, you can take the opportunity to create for yourself something that many men would go to great lengths for, a bachelor pad.

First, you need to be single, second, some money, and third, a pad. Your only limitations are your imagination, funds, and free time. Shop around for an apartment in the city, this is the place to be for a bachelor, if you can afford to buy that’s great, if not you can usually find what you’re looking for to rent. Please note that a rented apartment cannot be overly modified. You’ll have to go through the usual stuff, location, size, price, etc., but you know what you want, so go for it.

Once you’ve planned your property, your apartment should reflect your personality, unless you’re a jackass, so start thinking about color schemes, whether you want high-tech sci-fi cubism or luxurious patterned shagedelia of leopard. You are the one who will live there, so choose what you want, but keep in mind that if you want people to hang out there, especially girls, it must be cozy and comfortable. Small rooms benefit from light, minimalist colors, but if you have a lot of space at your disposal, try mixing in some dark, masculine colors.

Choose furniture that makes an impact, in an apartment, one of the most outstanding things you own will be your sofa, choose the largest you can and preferably in an L shape, as it is elegant AND an efficient use of space. Choose a color that matches or complements your d├ęcor; Black and white are usually safe choices, but red will have an even bigger impact and rarely clashes with other colors. Definitely go for leather, there is no real substitute, it has to be leather. You’re not a girl, so you don’t need a lot of cushions, but a few fun ones here and there might do the trick.

Some apartments have decent lighting, but if yours doesn’t, be sure to choose our original ambient lighting. Don’t go crazy with the colors, you’re not throwing a nightclub, but some low-level dramatic lighting with a few feature pieces should suffice. No pad would be complete without a great entertainment system; it’s a status symbol and the electronic equivalent of your manhood. Go for the biggest and best TV you can afford, don’t just go big and cheap as your fellow singles will notice this and ridicule you for it. Go just as big with your surround sound, in an apartment it really doesn’t need to be that loud, but go for quality, some good standalone speakers really power a system. Make sure you get the latest gaming console so you and your friends have a chance to battle it out for the alpha nerd.

Don’t start thinking about doing this without having your own bar, preferably with some stools. This will act as your seduction bait, pre-drinking lair, and the venue for every after party. It will get you girls, friends, and cement your social status as the party animal you obviously are.

Lastly, every bachelor pad needs that obscene and unnecessary indulgence that sets it apart from the rest of us idiots. This could be a pinball machine, a golf simulator, a hot tub. The more ridiculous the better, you shouldn’t need it at all and hardly ever use it other than to impress people. If you have a balcony, perhaps you could invest in a barbecue with twelve separate grills and a kebab machine. Imagine the look on your friends faces when they discover you have the front half of a Ford Mustang for your office desk, “Yes I found it on eBay and I HAD to have it, I couldn’t buy food this month but it was worth it! “Finally, sit back and enjoy it, because you can be sure it won’t last.

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