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How to celebrate your cat’s birthday?

Every pet, especially cats, wants to be pampered and treated royally. Felines are actually party animals. Although they don’t socialize as much as dogs, they like to be the center of attraction. Do not miss the opportunity to pamper your feline beauties if you really love her.

Don’t just pet her. Love, adore, pamper and celebrate her existence in your life. Kittens have every right to be pampered. If not every day, at least on some special occasions like her birthday. Why your kitten’s birthday should be left behind if you celebrate the other vital events of your life. After all, she is one of the best things that ever happened to you. Creativity mixed with love and feelings can brighten your day. Here are some tips to make the day special for her.

1. Delight

The day of cats begins with food and ends with it. Do not feed her the same cat food on this special day. Make some homemade treats for her. This will be a nice start to the day for her.

2.Gifts? That goes without saying

The nature of cats coincides a lot with that of humans. No matter what they have and how much they have, news is always welcome. Get new catnip toys for the spoiled brats. You can even get them some stuffed toys, balls of yarn, or cat balls. Buying them from a scratcher is also a good idea. This will even deter kitty from scratching your furniture.

3. Surprise party

A small gathering and a surprise party can make it feel even more special. Invite your neighbor’s cats to the party so your kitty can play, fight and have a good time with them. Don’t forget to bake a birthday cake. Cats love sweets. Make small cupcakes for all the kitties at the party, instead of one big one. Have your feline sit in the center of it and sing the birthday song for her. Pets may not understand human language, but they are very good at reading emotions and love. The shy and introverted feline will enjoy being the guest of honor.

4. Lots of photos to keep memories alive forever.

Dress up your kitty in cute cat clothes and click as many pictures as possible, they love to be clicked. Don’t forget to have a family photo session and capture the lovely memories forever.

5. A royal place to sleep for the honorable feline

Cats love to sleep. This birthday fix a corner and put a comfortable bed for her to sleep. This new bed will be the best surprise for her during the day. She stuffs the sheet with old clothes and pillowcases to make it soft and cozy. Nothing can make them happier than a quiet, peaceful nap.

6. Do some charity

Make the day even more memorable by doing some charity on your cat’s behalf. You can adopt another feline to keep yours, or you can make a donation to a cat charity. This is the best thing you can do for other stray cats.

You don’t need to plan much for your cat’s birthday. Just do a few basic things and it will be the day for both you and your kitty. Please limit the guest to those family and friends who have a pet. Lots of people will pick on the kitty and make sure you don’t invite any dogs to the party. You may not realize it, but these little efforts of yours are very important for your pets. This will surely strengthen the human-feline bond.

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