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How to Buy Indonesia eSIM

Buy Indonesia eSIM

Using an Indonesia eSIM will let you save on international roaming charges (and skip the SIM card registration bureaucracy) whilst also keeping your home phone number. Unlike traditional SIM cards that you swap out in your mobile device, the eSIM is digital and stays inside your phone. This makes it much more unlikely to get lost or stolen and allows you to easily top up your eSIM in a few clicks on the Airalo app. You can choose between various eSIM plans offering from 1 to unlimited data for your stay in Indonesia. These eSIMs can be purchased online and are delivered to your door in less than 24 hours.

eSIMs for Indonesia are available from a wide range of travel & local SIM providers including Alosim, Airalo, Holafly, Nomad & SimOptions. The best option depends on how much you value speed, coverage & perks and which devices you have with you. For example, if you have an iPhone you may be better off with the DTAC Go Inter – 10 Days eSIM from Alosim as it offers fast mobile data for your entire trip in Indonesia while keeping your existing phone number.

However, if you are a frequent traveler to countries in Asia and want to benefit from unlimited data on all your devices then I recommend getting the Nomad APAC eSIM as it includes all of the major Asian destinations plus Indonesia with a high-speed mobile network and an extensive data allowance of up to 100 GB per month click here. You can also use the Nomad eSIM Go variant to benefit from 5G NR in supported countries (including Indonesia) and avoid data caps.

How to Buy Indonesia eSIM

As soon as you arrive in Indonesia, you can activate your new eSIM in the app of the provider of your choice by scanning a QR code. Most eSIMs are ready to use straight away and all you need to do is select the plan you wish to start with, add some credit and then connect. Most eSIMs have a helpdesk where you can contact the provider should you experience any issues or need assistance.

The cheapest way to get an eSIM for Indonesia is through an online eSIM retailer like Nomad. They offer eSIMs that work in most Asian countries for as low as $1.40/GB and also provide unlimited data plans in some destinations for as little as $3.95/month. They also have a free trial period so you can try the service and see how it works for you before committing.

If you prefer to purchase a physical SIM card in advance of your travels in Indonesia, it is possible to do so via the official website of Smartfren and at their shops in Bali. They offer a variety of local and travel SIM cards for the country, with different rates for data connectivity and call & text services. You can even opt for a prepaid unlimited Indonesia SIM card if you need the flexibility of being able to add more data at any time.

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