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Getaways to Texas that will spark romance

When people talk about Texas getaways, they often tend to speak poetically about the rugged, rugged terrain and small-town charm that the Lone Star State has to offer visitors. While Texas serves as a tremendous example of some of the most astonishingly diverse landscapes in the country, there is so much more to the state.

This, in turn, brings us to the subject of love and romance. Whether you’re focusing on romantic dates like Valentine’s Day or just marking special occasions like anniversaries, you would actually do yourself a lot of favors thinking about what Texas has to offer in terms of romantic getaways. The state is a bit more than people saying “Damn” and “Dag-nabit.” The vast expanses and diverse natural areas make for incredible places to celebrate your love for your partner.

Certainly you want to find the most picturesque area to spend meaningful “alone time” without the hustle and bustle of city noise. In fact, if you look at how Texas has developed over the years, part of what has been happening is that there has been a lot of effort to keep things as natural as possible. Some may go so far as to call these areas rural, but ultimately rural is too inappropriate a name that implies a place “in the sticks.”

Probably one of the most popular places to find all the right ingredients for the best romantic getaway is heading to the Washington County area. For example, if you are both too caught up in the need to be close to a big city, you actually have Austin and Houston on a day trip. If you’re both a college football fan, you’re a day trip from College Station, home of the Texas A&M Aggies. While you’re there, you can satisfy your love of US history by visiting the George HW Bush Presidential Library and Museum. It really must be said that this area of ​​the state has it all.

Still, these are not the most romantic places you could enjoy. Sure, if you both love them that’s great, but we’re looking for a legitimate romance. They could enjoy a wine tasting together as they explore the county wine trail, which includes four excellent examples of Texas wineries located in Brenham, Chapel Hill, and Burton, Texas. You could even explore the three spas at Brenham, which cover all facets of relaxation and even the incorporation of oriental medicine! Once you’ve had your completely relaxing and truly inspiring spa treatments at Texas wine tastings, you can choose to stay at the many bed & breakfasts and hotels in the area. If you’re looking to really up the ante on the romance factor, you can choose to stay in one of at least ten vacation rental properties that showcase the area’s beauty and charm to the nth degree (that means big).

Getaways to Texas are more than hiking trails and tumbleweeds. The lone star status is all about meeting your every need, and skimp on nothing when it comes to romance.

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