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Fashion: here today, gone tomorrow or stay

Aid! You scream when another season change comes and there’s the headline in the paper – Real trends for real women – and has the top 10 trends for the upcoming season. Only 10, you think sarcastically. You read on and there’s an eleventh there, as well as five more fashion trends in another article in the newspaper supplement.

No wonder you’re confused about what to buy to feel modern and look great without turning your guest room into a giant walk-in closet.

This is my no-nonsense guide to help business and professional women over 40 interpret the new season’s fashion trends.

Don’t believe all the words

These types of articles often tell us to forget about unwearable runway fads and trends. Ten seems to be a favorite number. So they are going to look for examples of how to interpret the trends chosen for the next season. It sounds useful, but to get ten of them, they mix trends with fads and classics.

A fad is a short-lived, one-season fad or color that suits only a limited number of women. It is definitely aimed at young and slim or women who can wear the particular color of that season.

A trend is a trend or color that looks good on most women and lasts for one to three years. It goes from being a fad to a trend in its second year.

When a trend suits all women and can be interpreted in many different variations, it becomes a modern classic like wrap styles. These are the modern dressing skills every business and professional woman needs to learn.

Fashion writers prefer to call most fashion ideas trends rather than mania because women will buy a trend. We convince ourselves that it is a good economical purchase because everyone is wearing it. When asked by someone close to you why the heck you bought that, she may reply that she will use it a lot as it is trendy and trendy.

Go beyond the hype

When you see and read these articles, be critical and go beyond the hype. If there is a seasonal color, for example, gold, it is because gold is a color that people with warm colors can wear well. Choose carefully: gold skinny jeans are a fashion statement, while gold accessories are a classic style that suits most women.

Ask yourself these two questions. Will I be happy using this next year and the year after that? Are women whose fashion sense I admire wearing this?’ if you can answer Yes, to both questions, buy them. if you answer No, return them. Life is too short to spend money on clothes with no real value. You want versatility to be able to wear the new item with other clothes you currently have in your wardrobe.

Find the royal treasures

The true treasures of fashion are not fads or trends. They are modern classics or old classics used in a modern way. This is where you learn and apply modern dressing skills to your professional and business attire.

An often overlooked classic is the trench coat. If you don’t have one, look for one in a color other than black to go over your dresses or skirts/pants and tops. A red or beige trench coat will look stylish for years and years. Wear your old or new trench coat with a matching or contrasting color narrow or medium width leather belt as an alternative to the cloth belt that comes with the coat.

Sheer fabric jackets are also a modern classic. They can be interpreted differently for various seasons. The material adds interesting texture, lets the colors underneath shine in a new light, and covers, but doesn’t completely hide, the arms; good for those who worry about flabby arms and wrinkles.

Of course, read and watch any article about the main trends of each season. Don’t believe all the words. Go beyond the hype. Find the real treasures. Let your true personality shine.

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