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Are you having trouble sleeping? Try this

** Deposit ** If you think your body is just a mass of carbon bubble floating in a pile of water, forget about reading this. It will be new age nonsense and it won’t work anyway. This dream system is not about counting sheep or taking a pill.

Keep reading? Our bodies are made up of carbon, nitrogen, and predominantly water (H2O), but there is also an electromagnetic field that flows through and around it. This is the same for all living things, including the earth and all planets and astral bodies. This is invisible to the naked eye but it is very real and affects many processes such as consciousness, communication, our memories and it is part of what connects all things. It also consists of portals or chakras that allow information or energy to enter our body.

About 20 years ago, Peggy Dubro originated an energetic healing modality called EMF or electromagnetic field technique that should not be confused with EFT. It is based on the knowledge that this field exists and that by using this lattice or network, as she calls it, we can access the perfect energy in which it is composed. We can achieve balance in the physical and mental areas of our body. Balance and the free flow of energy or chi is the key to perfect health.

I use a small part of his technique called Spiral sweep put me to sleep. I do it every night not just to fall asleep, but to keep the chi or life force energy (there are many names for it) flowing freely through me. I started doing it for the flow of energy, but found that it works great as a natural, non-drug insomnia aid.

Many people have trouble sleeping because their minds keep chattering to them. This process uses the mind or consciousness as an ally to work with the body rather than the struggle that sometimes occurs when we try to fall asleep.

This is my version, so it is similar but not the same as Peggy’s. Spiral sweep. The basic idea is to use this universal perfect energy that is circling around and through your body to relax and allow sleep to follow you.

The skeletal sweep

Begin by lying on your back with your palms flat. Make sure your hands do not touch your body. Visualize this energy swirling in a circle on the soles of your feet. Use your mind to bring that energy to the soles of your feet. Slowly, it will take this energy and go through all the bones in your body, hence the skeletal name. Up to the ankles, down to the calves, knees, thighs and hips. This can be done as slow or as fast as you like.

The main thing is to feel it by focusing on each bone. It goes up your spine, vertebra by vertebra. When you get to the top of the spine, let it flow towards the shoulders, the sternum through the ribs. Then go down your arms letting it flow through your hands. You should be able to feel it flowing forcefully through your hands. Flow the flow of energy back into your arms to your face and skull with a sensation that glows like a crown on the top of your head.

Lie down with it for as long as you like, feeling the energy gently flowing through your body. Usually I’m asleep by then, but there’s more if you’re still awake.

The endocrine sweep

Peggy goes into a lot more detail here, but what I do is, when I feel it radiating at the top of my head, I will take it to my cortex (upper brain) and then below it to the white matter. Next to the perky pituitary that is above the eyes in the middle of the forehead. Then I let it flow into the important pineal gland. Stay there for a while. Then lower it down to the bump at the base of your skull at the back of your neck. Move the energy into the thyroid gland in the front of the neck, up to the thymus.

The thymus is also a very important gland in the whole picture, since it is called the second heart. It is a point of distribution of energy throughout the body. Next is the pancreas, which flows into the back of the adrenal glands that are located on top of the kidneys. Then I go to the liver and then to the sex glands, the ovaries or the testicles. Finally, I lower it through the legs to return to the soles of the feet and put it on the ground.


I never get that far, but if you are still awake, you can regain energy through your chakras. For those who are not familiar with what the chakras are, they are portals or openings in the electromagnetic field that surrounds them. These, if you could see them, are like spinning vortices just like how water looks when it drains from a tub. The ancient Egyptians used a 13 chakra system, but the most commonly used system is the 8 chakra. These chakras are outside of your body and about 6 1/2 inches apart.

The energy that you have returned to your feet is carried to the first chakra. Move it up to the second chakra, which is roughly at the top of your legs. The next chakra is your root chakra, which corresponds just above the reproductive parts of your body. Bring the energy to your stomach or solar plexus. The next chakra is the heart chakra.

Let the energy flow through there, as, as you can imagine, it is the center of your being. The throat chakra is the next where you speak your truth. The third eye chakra is just above the eyes in the middle of the forehead, where actual vision occurs. The last and most vital chakra is the crown chakra. It is right above your head and is the receiver of information from above.

La-La Land

Okay, if you’re not asleep by then, you’ve at least given your body a well-deserved treatment. I call it juice. If you are reading this, you may think I am in la-la land. I guess so, but it sure works for me. You can check out Peggy’s site here. She has a complete system that goes way beyond this, with practitioners located all over the world. It is an alternative healing process that recognizes that there is much more to us than just a drop of biology. My kind of thing!

Sweet Dreams!

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