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What role does expert play in wildfire cases with Maui fire lawyers?

wildfire cases with Maui fire lawyers

When natural disasters cause damage to homes, property and livelihoods, people often seek justice through lawsuits. Unfortunately, many victims find that their insurance isn’t enough to cover their losses. In these cases, seeking compensation from responsible parties through a wrongful death suit is one way to recover damages and help make people whole again.

A Maui fire lawyer who is experienced in representing the victims of wildfires can fight to get you the money you need to cover expenses associated with the disaster. If you’ve been impacted by the recent Maui wildfires, contact us today to see how we can help you.

A powerhouse team of top trial Maui fire lawyers – rated among the best in Hawaii – has filed a dual class action lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric Company over the Maui wildfires that killed 96 people and destroyed 2,200 structures in the heart of the tourist town of Lahaina. The lawsuits claim that the utility’s damaged power lines caused the fires, and a failure to adequately inspect and maintain its infrastructure contributed to the catastrophe.

What role does expert play in wildfire cases with Maui fire lawyers?

The lawsuit alleges that the utility, known as HECO, knew that overhead power lines posed a significant fire hazard in Hawaii, especially during times of drought and high winds. But, instead of de-energizing those lines in a timely manner, HECO continued to energize the lines. The lawsuit also claims that the company failed to remove and trim vegetation, allowing it to grow into the line structure and increase the risk of fires.

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Moreover, the lawsuit claims that HECO failed to properly monitor the weather, and that the fires were caused by a combination of factors, including the effect of Hurricane Lane. Those factors, in turn, led to the fire’s rapid spread and prevented firefighters from making headway in fighting it.

A number of experts have come to the conclusion that the blaze was caused by a power line fault. Experts with the law firms of Watts Guerra, Singleton Schreiber and Frantz Law Group have reviewed evidence, interviewed witnesses and inspected burn patterns to determine that the damage to the power infrastructure created the ignition source that ignited the flames that devastated the resort town.

The experts cited in the lawsuits have reviewed data, interviews and photos to conclude that the fire was started by HECO equipment. They have also examined witness statements, video footage and evidence left behind by the fire. A wrongful death case involving a wildfire can be complicated and lengthy. Our Maui fire lawyers will work closely with expert witness to ensure that all aspects of the case are investigated and analyzed.

The expert will help the client and our attorneys develop a strong legal argument for recovery of damages. They will evaluate all factors related to the fire and its aftermath, such as medical bills, loss of income, property damage and lost business opportunities. These experts are highly sought after for their ability to bring the most complex and challenging cases to successful conclusions.

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