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Party Streamers – Decorating Tips and Ideas

Party streamers, or crepe paper streamers, are a party essential. We’ve all seen the strands of crepe paper strung from the ceiling and wrapped around furniture. But what if you want something different. What if there are more unique ways and cool and fun ideas to turn your party into a work of art? Well, below are plenty of tips and ideas for taking a simple decorating aid and turning it into a “wow” piece of entertainment.

center piece: The great thing about paper streamers is that they can be shaped, folded, and wrapped in any way you like. Folding the paper into large loops and then securing the middle with a rubber band or giant paper backing will create a flower effect. You can clip this to a large bowl in the center of your table and it makes a beautiful centerpiece.

ceiling art: Secure one end to the middle and start twisting the paper. Glue the other end with a slight diagonal at the other end. Do this across the entire ceiling and string some balloons in the middle. It’s an easy way to transform an everyday ceiling light into a party-ready ceiling light.

Topics: If you are hosting a themed party, try incorporating streamers into the theme. For example, if you are hosting a party in Hollywood and have a red carpet that brings your guests into the party area; Place red crepe paper on each side to create a roped-off island effect. If you’re doing a pirate theme, you have the tracks tied up with a gold-colored crepe paper. Be creative in your uses and be sure to bring a sense of fun to each use.

No matter what kind of party you are throwing or what your event need is, crepe paper streamers can be a part of it. Incorporating party streamers in unique ways will show your guests how much you invest in the party for their enjoyment.

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