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Why do boyfriends and girlfriends fight?

It took me a long time to come up with the answer to the question. “Why do boyfriends and girlfriends fight?” Finally, I received inspiration from my past. When I was 5 years old, my parents fought a lot. Being young and quite excited, they used to yell at each other at home or in the car. When I was a kid, their fights scared me. But when I became an adult, I realized that the reason they both fought so hard was because they were trying their best to be understood.

Every human being feels the deep need to be understood, especially by the people they care about. Since your boyfriend/girlfriend is important to you, the two of you fight because each wants to be understood, but lacks the skills to communicate effectively with each other.

But how can my communication skills be lacking if I get along with my friends and/or family?

Even if you have wonderful relationships with other people in your life, think about this: How long have you known your family? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend your friend or your partner? Since you and your boyfriend/girlfriend come from different backgrounds, it’s inevitable that you both have different views on things. If the issue on which your views differ never comes up, there is no reason for both of you to fight and disagree. But the longer you know your boyfriend or girlfriend, the more chances there are for you to disagree.

So when an event comes up that you both don’t agree on, how do you interact so you don’t end up fighting?

The easiest way I have found to have harmony (after years of fighting with my boyfriend and family) is to do everything possible to UNDERSTAND the other person first. When I have the choice to explain myself or to understand my boyfriend, I choose to understand him better. The way I do this is to read more about men. The reason I choose to better understand men through reading is because it gives me the results I want: a more loving and harmonious relationship with my boyfriend. I understand men more and more, not only does my heart open more towards my boyfriend, it also appreciates how much easier it is to be with me. As a result, he appreciates me more and gives me even more. This makes us both happy.

Don’t make the mistake of asking your boyfriend to explain.

There are two big reasons for this…

1. Most men really can’t explain why they behave the way they do.

2. Most men feel that you don’t trust them when you ask them to explain their behavior.

I used to ask my (ex)boyfriends a lot of questions. They hated this and we often ended up fighting. Therefore, I recommend that you read and learn more from the relationship experts. Avoid irritating your boyfriend with too many questions because too many fights often lead to breakups.

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