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White Elephant Egg Hunt – A Perfect Gift Exchange For Easter

I bet you’ve just never looked at a real white elephant or white elephant egg, have you? These albino elephants are so rare and remarkable that only kings can personally possess them when found. So think about the rarity of a real white elephant egg!

Today you can have a real white elephant egg hunt with your loved ones and close friends. Like any other albino elephant exchange, this is an opportunity to share nice gifts and great conversation with those you like. But you’ll have to substitute one thing for the extremely rare albino elephant eggs, and we recommend the common cantaloupe! A melon looks exactly how you imagine an elephant egg to be.

Once you’ve collected the substitute elephant eggs from the nearby supermarket, you need to prepare them for the gift-swapping party. Use a marker to identify each “egg” and make sure there is 1 egg for each player. We suggest that you find a food-safe marker and write on the outside of the melon. The skin of a melon is thick like the skin of an elephant, so the ink should not affect the fruit.

You will organize the party using typical guidelines for a white elephant gift exchange. Send out invitations and suggest they bring gifts that can contribute to the enjoyment of the event. Easter is a great time to host this celebration, so you can suggest Easter gifts or any Easter-themed gift requirements.

On the day of the occasion, you will need to hide the eggs, as you would for an Easter egg hunt. This is a bit different simply because these eggs are the size of a white elephant, so you may need to let the grass pass without mowing for a while before the party.

The celebration begins with all the elephant egg hunt hidden in the yard. Inform players that the numbers on the eggs will likely be their gift choice order within the gift exchange portion of the game.

Shortly after all the eggs have been claimed, collect them in the kitchen to process into “baby elephant eggs” with a Melon Baller. Just remember to record who had what number so that it is possible to use it within the sharing part with the group. Then use the freshly produced fruit ball treats as part of your snacks for your guests.

You are now ready to have the gift exchange as you would any standard white elephant gift party. Unlike randomly drawing names inside a hat, you will use the order of the numbers on the white elephant eggs.

You now understand that the white elephant gift exchange is not just for the holiday season, it could be a strategy for sharing gifts and pleasant conversation on almost any holiday, including Easter. Take the time to plan a royal elephant egg hunt and gift exchange next Easter. This party is going to please you!

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