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travel to london england

England is an English-speaking country, which makes it easy to navigate the city. However, there are some other differences that you should be aware of that will make your trip more pleasant.

Ordering breakfast can be challenging when you notice some differences in terminology. Asking for eggs with ease will give you a blank stare. You should ask for “lightly cooked” eggs if you want them easy. If you order ham with your eggs, you’ll get meat-style cold ham for lunch. You must ask for bacon to get fried ham. Also be prepared to get baked beans with your breakfast and hashbrowns. These are the normal side dishes with a breakfast order.

As you probably know, drivers in England drive on the opposite side of the road from Americans or most other countries. This is a bit more complicated than one might think. If you are a pedestrian you must look in the opposite direction before crossing. I’ve had a lot of horns blown when I looked the wrong way and tried to cross. In London, the correct direction to look is written on the sidewalk, which is very helpful.

London taxi drivers are a special group. Driving a taxi is a family tradition and many families have several generations behind the wheel. Before one can obtain a taxi license, one must drive around London for two years on a motorcycle learning the roads. So it goes without saying that London taxi drivers can get you where you want and fast.

The British pound is worth twice the value of the US dollar right now. When you spend 5 Pounds it’s like spending 10 Dollars.

Travel data:

There are more traffic fatalities on America’s highways in two weeks than there are in air travel in 10 years.

For international travel, consider buying your foreign currency from a US bank before you leave for your trip. You are likely to get a better exchange rate.

Always print your boarding pass on your home computer before you leave for your trip to avoid the line at the airport ticket counter.

On your return journey, use the hotel’s business center to print your boarding pass. Boarding passes can be printed within 24 hours of your scheduled departure.

Many airlines have discontinued meal service, especially for short flights. You may want to bring some snacks, such as protein bars, so you don’t get hungry.

For long flights, it’s always a good idea to bring a few things to occupy your mind. Books, portable DVD players, etc. Time will pass faster.

Airport security is similar around the world. Liquids must fit in a 4 oz. plastic bag. You must place the plastic bag in a container at the security gate. This should go without saying, but you cannot pass a knife or any other weapon through security. Remove all metal, such as coins, from your pockets. Please have your photo ID and boarding pass handy at the security checkpoint. Shoes must be removed to go through security. Do not bring bottled water or any other liquid.

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