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The best print ads

A typical question small to medium-sized organization owners ask is “How do I design the best print ads for my own small business?” Well here is the answer. The following are some of the best processes you can use to design your own print ads.

Eliminate uncertainty: One thing we see all the time is two completely different ads, side by side, both advertising “fastest service.” What?! Wait a second. One of these businesses must be lying. How can these two places have the fastest service? This may seem totally obvious, but people don’t like to be lied to. If you honestly have the fastest service, make a backup. Say something like, “Fastest Service Honored 3 Years in a Row by the Automotive Association.” That’s a statement you could take to the bank. If you don’t have any kind of industry key, focus on precisely what makes you stand out and pronounce it as honestly as possible. Consumers look for any justification to cancel everything. Never give it to him.

When you advertise your products, use the right appeal. This is usually the strongest motivation that explains why your customers choose your products. The key gain they receive from using your product. The wrong kind of marketing appeal can, in fact, reduce sales. It has been shown that one campaign can certainly outperform another up to twenty times. While they both look similar, they cost the identical amount and display the exact same product. The difference is in the appeal used to market the product or service in the ad (usually included in the headline). The most efficient method of discovering the right appeal is often to ask your core team members what tactics they use to push their products. Or alternatively, ask your best clientele exactly why they choose to buy from you.

The best print ads often have a clearly defined motive. Is it to get people to do it; try you, buy you, contact you, ask a question? Whatever it is, write it down and don’t forget to… “sell” only one thing at a time. If all you want is to get an appointment or see the person come over, then don’t try to sell the service or product all at once. This will only confuse the potential buyer.

If you need to find new customers, the best (and cheapest) approach is to offer a free sample of your service or product. What I’m saying is, take the money you probably would have spent on expensive advertising and give it to your best potential customers (the gamers) in the form of a trial or trial of your product. Thus, a diner can offer a free entrĂ©e or an open voucher of $5, $10, or even $20. A clothing store may offer a free shirt. A new car or truck dealer may offer a complimentary dinner with any test drive.

Another way to get new customers is to develop an information product like a “FREE Report” that you can easily sell or give away. Create something that positions you as the expert and educates the customer on why they need to buy from you. (Word of caution: target your free sample only to gamers) This particular concept can be effortlessly tested if you monitor the bottom line results of your various marketing strategies.

Don’t let the publisher write your ad! One of the biggest misconceptions we regularly hear from the business people we also talk to is “Oh, the newspaper does the ad for me.” This makes me cringe, I’ll tell you exactly why! First of all, never assume that just because an ad executive writes a lot of ads that they care what they’re doing! Usually, all they care about is selling ad space, mainly because that’s what they get paid for. When they’ve sold it, they’ll likely suggest a good image of something, along with a great brand or company logo, and then perhaps add some bullet points about what it does. This is NOT a good advertisement. Trust me! So why do they do this? Could it be due to the fact that this type of advertising could make you more money? No. It’s actually because this is the quickest and easiest way for them to process it, plus it helps make the newspaper or publication look bright and colorful. Keep in mind that the only end result an advertising executive gets paid for is the sale of ad space. If magazines only got a fee for the ad result (i.e. money in your bank), only then could a little more work be put into copywriting.

Don’t be a cup. If you’re hearing the logic of “Keep putting the ad and eventually the results will come”, then seriously visualize your bank balance and google ‘Einstein’s Definition Folly’ to really get my gist. So what exactly should you do? Write THE Ad YOURSELF! Or find someone who knows your business and knows how to create a good ad to do it for you.

Never lose sight of what the goal of any ad is; to generate awareness and inquiries that will give you Sales and Profits! If your ads aren’t returning at least seven times what you spent on them, it’s time you considered something different.

Keep track of everything you do to promote your business. Start an advertising and marketing analytics portfolio yourself. Inside it includes information on each and every one of the campaigns or ads you carry out and the results it provided you. As a result, you will at least double your marketing and advertising earnings!

Never incorporate reverse typography (black background with white font) in your ads. Research clearly reveals that this is hard to read and will drop your response rate by at least 50%. However, if you start looking in many magazines, many articles and advertisements are done this way. What a waste!!

The best print ads that win awards and recognition are judged on what result?

a) Direct monetary level of sales and profits obtained

b) The number of telephone calls generated

c) The amount of press attraction and buzz it produced.

d) The return on investment, that is, the amount of money you created minus the total price

e) Printing; the reaction of the readers and the ability to remember the ad

f) It was decided from a handful of people based solely on their experiences.

If you guessed one of the answers to a) – e), I would be very impressed by your advertising and marketing genius and congratulate you on probably the most practical system for judging an effective ad. Having said that, the actual answer is F)! That’s right, just when you assumed your advertising and marketing dollars were safe and sound in the hands of giant advertising companies, I had to show up and burst your bubble. As you almost certainly determined that answers a) to e) make the most sense. Unfortunately, though, awards and promotional status are only given to beautiful, modern, and artistically appealing work. Moral of the story: Don’t take too much advice from the so-called big advertising firms when looking to create the best print ads.

Constantly challenge your approaches, and be sure to test and measure ALL types of marketing and advertising you do. Branding… The latest buzzword – What is branding? Too often, the business owners I talk to are overly concerned with the appearance of their custom logo, street signs, and anything else that “looks good.” This is a serious mistake simply because your brand is not an image or a logo. Before you brand yourself, it’s best to develop a healthy reputation or business name. You need to understand that branding is an advanced advertising and marketing process and should not be confused with revenue generated marketing.

There is no direct verified link between brand recognition and increased revenue! If you’re spending your hard-earned income directly on the brand in hopes of increasing sales of your products, you’re flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet. There are many things that are sold, however, the brand is not one of them. Nike, Mercedes, and Coca-Cola all focus heavily on branding, yet these companies know that this probably won’t directly increase their gross sales; it is done for other reasons. To get started, focus on offering the best product and service possible and copy this system to be consistent as part of your business…it really is that simple!

Caution: Do not ask close friends and co-workers for suggestions! I see evidence of this common advertising sin practically every week. Let me reveal why this is a bad strategy. The people you’ll show the ad to are usually not your target readers. I repeat, these people that you are asking their opinion; They are typically not YOUR TARGET MARKET!

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