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TEFL courses offer a ray of hope to those demoralized by the bleak job market

In the current economic climate with the current bleak job market, it seems like new government figures are released almost every two months showing an even higher rise in UK unemployment. The latest set of statistics released revealed that UK unemployment had risen again, putting more than 2.5 million people out of work, and youth unemployment topped 1 million. These figures have many wondering how rising unemployment in the UK is being dealt with and whether the government is doing enough to get young people into jobs or alternative methods of education.

Right now, the bleak job market presents young job seekers with a trapped situation: how to gain valuable work experience to add to your CV without any prior work experience. The vast numbers of people out of work are demoralized by the process of sitting at home, applying for job after job with no response. With the challenge of entering the world of work becoming more difficult for young people, the use of talented graduates in unpaid internship positions by many employers has sparked the cheap labor debate. Young people are so desperate for experience that they are willing to work for free, but many organizations are now using unpaid interns to cut expenses rather than provide beneficial work experience for young workers, and many believe that interns are simply being exploited.

However, with the debate around the use of internships still going on and unemployment still on the rise, some within the recruiting industry, including Guardian Jobs, believe that the future may not be as bad as it seems. In November, Nick Clegg unveiled the coalition’s £1 billion scheme, which will provide subsidized jobs and training with the aim of creating a range of opportunities for job seekers, including raising awareness of alternative study and options such as TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language). Breeds.

TEFL courses are an excellent route to work for young people or those considering a career change. A TEFL qualification will provide opportunities to work in the UK and abroad and meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. These opportunities to combine work and travel not only offer the adventure of a lifetime, but also gain valuable work and life experience along the way.

Teaching English abroad as a foreign language is probably a career that many young job seekers have never considered and the government is trying to change this by increasing awareness of TEFL courses and showing the opportunities that are available to those with TEFL qualifications. A TEFL qualification is not only extremely valuable abroad, but is also a great qualification to add to your CV. TEFL courses also offer the opportunity to not only work abroad, but also study abroad in order to study for your TEFL courses. Institutions like St Giles International have English schools all over the world, including the US, Brazil and Canada.

A number of institutions offer TEFL courses, but St Giles was a pioneer in the field and one of the first organizations to offer training for teachers of English in the UK. TEFL qualifications offered by St Giles include the Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults (CELTA) and the Trinity Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ​​(TESOL Cert).

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