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Student Accommodation Contracts: What to Know in London

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Student Accommodation Contracts

London is the UK’s capital city with a lot to offer students. From illustrious universities to famous nightclubs, the British capital is a favourite with students from all over the world for its historic sites, iconic landmarks and vibrant culture. It is also a leading global centre for commerce, fashion, finance and the arts. With over 23 major universities and a student population of more than 350,000, it is a city with something for everyone and an ideal place to spend your university years.

In London, there are many different options for student accommodation london, including halls of residence, private flats and shared houses, and more. The choice will ultimately come down to what suits you best and your budget.

For those who choose to live in a hall of residence, this type of accommodation is often managed by the university and can be highly convenient, with onsite facilities including restaurants and bars. You can expect your university to send out brochures and information on halls of residence about six months before you are due to start. Alternatively, you can contact your university’s accommodation team directly to find out more.

Student Accommodation Contracts: What to Know in London

Students who prefer to live in a flat or house share will often find that this is more cost-effective than renting a room in halls, and offers the opportunity to choose where you live. Typically, you will have your own bedroom (usually with an ensuite) and share communal spaces such as the kitchen and living rooms. It is important to be clear about what is included in the rent as utilities and bills can often be extra.

Lastly, some students may wish to opt for catered London student accommodation. This is often more expensive than self-catered accommodation, but will provide you with meals and cleaning services. If you are looking for catered student housing in London, your university should be able to help or direct you to an approved letting agent or landlord.

Student accommodation plays a vital role in shaping the student experience, providing not just a place to live but a supportive and enriching environment that fosters personal growth, academic success, and well-being. By implementing diverse strategies such as celebrating diversity, promoting sustainability, offering mental health support, and engaging with various stakeholders, accommodation providers create a vibrant and inclusive community for students. As accommodation providers continue to innovate and adapt to changing student needs, they contribute to creating a nurturing environment that supports students’ holistic development and prepares them for a successful future.

When it comes to short-term student accommodation contracts, this can be difficult in London, as most properties require at least a year’s tenancy agreement. However, there are some companies who specialise in short-term student rentals, and these can be found by searching online or through the University of London Housing Service’s database of approved letting agents and landlords. is a global marketplace that connects students with accommodation options worldwide, including London. The website offers a variety of property types, such as purpose-built student accommodations, private halls, and shared apartments. provides comprehensive information about each property, including pricing, amenities, and proximity to universities. Additionally, the platform offers multilingual customer support, making it accessible to international students.

Accommodation for Students is a popular website that specializes in student accommodation across the United Kingdom, including London. The platform allows students to search for properties based on location, rent, and property type. It provides detailed property descriptions, images, and contact information for landlords or letting agents.

With so much to see and do in the UK’s capital, it is well worth taking some time out of your studies to explore all that London has to offer. From the beautiful parkland of Kensington and Chelsea to the creative sanctuary of Shoreditch, London has it all. So what are you waiting for? Get planning and book your next study break in London now.

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