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Sexual Hauntings 4 – Naked Loving Ghosts

It’s not just sex demons like Incubus and Succubus that have stood out for spilling their lustful advances on humans. There have also been numerous instances of ghosts and ordinary spirits behaving in a similar erotic manner. Many of these love ghosts have even appeared completely naked to those who have witnessed them.

Many nude or semi-nude appearances have been reported around the world since time immemorial. Some of these sexy spirits have been friendly, but others have not. Here are just a few instances of both versions of these lustful entities.

In a certain church on the outskirts of Ipswich, a naked ghost is reported to be lurking. This spirit is said to be that of a man, with a rather unpleasant appearance, and was first experienced by a carpenter in June 1953, while working on some renovations on the large old property. He claims that while he was working on some panels, a musty smell assaulted his nostrils. Then one of her white sheets came across the pantry, carrying what looked like a head. He initially assumed it was just his co-worker playing a prank on him, so he ordered him to stop joking, so the figure dropped the sheet to reveal a naked entity with skin stained the color of old parchment.

The ghost was believed to be that of a parson who had once resided in Rattlesden and had been buried under the house instead of an ordinary grave.

James Mann, a chartered accountant working in Moray, Scotland, came across a nude apparition at his old family home in Aberdeen. Visiting the house one summer day, James found all his relatives from India there. Since there was no spare bedroom available to him, he had to stay in a small room on the ground floor. It had rarely been used in years and it didn’t even have electricity or heat. So Mann had to read by the dim light of an oil lamp. He soon had the strange feeling that he was not alone in the room and began to feel very uncomfortable. Then, the appearance of a girl suddenly appeared through the wall. Apart from a flimsy petticoat, she was naked to the waist, and her body was, in typical ghostly fashion, transparent. He floated up to the bed and asked what he was doing there. Then, with a brief smile, he disappeared. Later, Mann discovered that other people had experienced the same half-naked apparition in the house.

In the United States, in April 1989, a young Hollywood actress found herself sharing a bed with the love ghost of Rudolph Valentino. She reported experiencing a great weight pressing on the edge of the bed, just as she was falling asleep, one night in the large apartment building, Valentino Place, which was a favorite party spot for Valentino and his female conquests. When the entity appeared next to her on the bed and began to press towards her, she steeled herself to open her eyes … and saw what appeared to be Valentino’s ghostly face lying on her pillow. Shocked, she fainted. When she came to, she was relieved to see that although the ghost had left the blankets and pillow in disarray, it had disappeared back into the spirit realm from which it had come.

In September 1979, a strange case involving a “sexy ghost” was reported to a UK newspaper. Two husbands complained that their wives had “abandoned” them due to a rather disturbing encounter with a lustful entity. Apparently, the wives had come into contact with a spirit while playing with a Ouija board. This entity pretended to be an old German man, and when one of the wives asked him what he wanted, he spelled the word SEX. This shocked and disturbed the woman so much that she immediately gave up speaking with this spirit again. The woman’s husband also claimed that one day he found her bent in a strange position. He seemed to have adopted the face of a sinister old man with gnarled hands. The husband tried to pull her out of this strange seizure, but remained unresponsive to this, claiming that she was “possessed.”

Despite husbands’ insistence that it was the “sexy ghost” of the Ouija board that drove off their wives, women scoff at these claims and simply attribute their decision to leave their wives to “boredom.”

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