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Real Estate Wholesale – We Don’t Need Unmotivated Sellers!

Imagine starting your day receiving calls from your marketing department. Here you have sellers 2 sellers calling with houses for sale but they are asking near full market value. They are both unmotivated sellers telling you why their house is worth so much money. Sometimes I just want to say, “If your house is worth what it says it’s worth, why are you still holding on to it?” Why are you still in the property even after your real estate agent has listed it for 6 months? When you see sellers like this, just leave them alone.

As a wholesaler, simply let them know that you will call them back after you have done all the numbers in the house. Or you tell them that I can give you what you are asking for, NOT FOR SO. (In a respectful way, that is.)

After running your comps (real estate agents are handy with this job) and figuring out how much the house is really worth, plus subtracting the amount of house repairs, etc. If the numbers are close to what the seller is asking for, there’s a good chance he may have a deal on his hands.

If not, I suggest you move on to other income generating activities. Don’t let unmotivated salespeople steal your joy. Sometimes they can make you sad if you let them. LOL.

There are plenty of other good deals to sit down and cry over spilled milk. Pull up your pants and go after the trades that have profits.

When selling wholesale real estate, we will push and push until we weed out the bad offers and pick out the gold nuggets. That’s what wholesalers do.

Another little secret that smart investors do when looking to work the wholesale method, they gather all the leads that were fake, package them up, and sell them to real estate agents in their areas. Pretty good, huh?

Only motivated sellers! Those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get cash so they don’t have to pay more taxes on a house passed on to them by the death of a family. Especially these days, motivated sellers are on the rise.

You’ll be surprised how many people have houses they don’t even want. Basically taking pennies on the dollar for these houses. As an investor who knows how to find these homes and get the most out of them, you’ll never have to worry about generating steady cash flow again.

I would tell any investor to learn the basics; get your feet wet, just jump in and take the plunge. You’ll never know how it feels until you touch it. I mean the wholesale of real estate at the organized level. It is my preferred method of investing in real estate. You will never in a million years find an investment strategy where you can earn thousands of dollars worth of properties that you don’t have to put down lump sums of cash for.

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