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PingMe and other great messaging apps for the Nokia Lumia 900

The new Nokia Lumia 900 is the flagship of the new range of Windows phones from Finnish manufacturers. Although the Windows platform does not offer the large number of applications that are available in other formats such as Android and iOS, the number is constantly growing. Messaging apps are one of the most popular types of downloads that allow users to keep in touch with friends using different operating systems. We take a look at the new PingMe messaging service for the Lumia 900 and also other great apps that offer similar features.

PingMe is one of the best applications of its kind available for Nokia Lumia 900. The software is available on all major platforms, including iOS and Blackberry. The developers of this software have even produced a version for the Amazon Kindle Fire, making it very easy to keep in touch with friends and family who use a variety of different devices. The advantage of apps like PingMe is that if users have access to a WiFi network, messages can be sent free of charge, which not only helps you keep your monthly bill lower, but also uses less of your data allowance. limited. PingMe not only allows users to compose and send text messages, but also voice recordings. Users can see when their recipient has viewed the message and the platform also supports push notifications, which means that you can be alerted to a message even if you are not using the application. A smart feature of this new software is its ability to use the location-based services offered by the Lumia 900. This means that you can see the location of the person you are texting, which could be useful if you want to meet a friend in a strange place or in a crowded place. PingMe is one of the best messaging apps we’ve come across thanks to its simple interface and useful features.

PingMe is one of the newer applications available for the Nokia Lumia 900, but if you prefer to use other software that your friends have already installed, you will find that most of the most popular messaging platforms are available on this device. One such application is WhatsApp, which is available on Windows Marketplace. This software is the favorite of many consumers who use this type of software thanks to the large number of people who regularly use the application. It is estimated that WhatsApp users send more than one billion messages a day using the service. In terms of functionality, the platform is very similar to PingMe with attended text and voice messages. IM + is another excellent app that deserves a look. The software sends messages through the widely used Skype platform, which means that there are a large number of consumers who can be contacted through this platform.

PingMe for Nokia Lumia 900 is an impressive new messaging service that takes full advantage of the great features your phone has to offer. If users are looking to use an alternative platform, WhatsApp and IM + offer similar functions and are used by a large number of people around the world.

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