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Patterns for Paver Patio Designs

Patio pavers are becoming an extremely popular outdoor accessory because they are affordable, and if laid by professionals or even fairly skilled masons, the result can look fantastic. Man has experimented with laying bricks in fashionable designs for centuries, but we learn from time and history that some of these beautiful structures of yesteryear are unfortunate victims of weathering and strong sun. Almost any type of brick, concrete, or tile will eventually fall victim to the elements. To ensure you have the best patio in your neighborhood, check the internet or seek professional advice on which patio pavers look great and also last the longest.

As we look through history, we can see how pavement has evolved into what we know today, and as times have changed and developed, so has the way men make pavements. cobblestones Compared to decades ago, the paver slabs used today are much more reliable, stain resistant, and durable, coming in almost any shape imaginable. This allows them to last much longer, but also create paver patio designs that are fit for a king and queen.

Patio pavers are installed over a pre-prepared compacted stone base that rests on a stable flat bed of sand. Each stone is meticulously and carefully set in any agreed pattern or design.

Some of the most popular patterns for patio pavers are as follows:

• Circular Pattern – As the name implies, it involves methodically placing the pavers to create a circular or arched shape through the use and aid of wedge-shaped bricks.

• Herringbone pattern: Reinforced to carry larger loads, makes it very popular. It is used primarily for driveways and is caused by bricks being laid in 45 or 90 degree angle patterns.

• Basket Weave – A classic paver for patio design. This creates a design that forms a series of squares, caused by 2 bricks forming a square.

• Stretcher Pattern – Unofficially, this is the most popular method of paver patio designs. They are ugly from the side or long. These are best used to manipulate the effect of making the track appear longer or shorter.

• Random – This is used quite well by placing the bricks randomly without paying attention to a specific pattern.

It is important to note that the chosen design has a great impact on the price of the project, since some require more effort and attention to detail than others. You can make your patio look even better by being creative with any pattern you choose, for example; you can arrange the pavers in a color code for a dramatic effect.

Alternatively, you could add a border around the patio called a welder’s course which works wonders to round out the whole project perfectly. Stylishly arranged patio pavers will also increase the overall value of your property, making it a substantial investment.

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