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Make kitchen renovations simple when choosing the best cabinets

Choosing kitchen cabinets is the most important step in any remodel. Whether or not it’s been considered, cabinets go through an ordeal of abuse over the years, so it’s important that they’re strong and reliable, as well as attractive enough to add to the home’s value.

It’s possible to speed up the process when you make informed cabinet decisions, because everything flows smoothly from there. Cabinets should always be the first choice as they are the most dominant feature and also tend to take the longest to deliver.

Finish types

Once one starts looking for kitchen cabinets, one will quickly realize that there are endless options. These include:

• Laminate
• Hardwood
• Varnish
• Lock

Then there are styles to consider, flat-front, cottage, and shaker, to name a few; They come in custom, ready-to-assemble, or RTA cabinet styles. As anyone can see, it gets overwhelming. RTA cabinets can easily grace a kitchen for under $1,000, while higher-end cabinets can cost more than some homes. Choosing the right cabinets for a kitchen is easier when the homeowner knows what he’s looking for before he hits the stores.

A single supplier can offer a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Usually, there are several brands with different qualities and prices. They come in standard sizes, custom cabinets, and RTA as mentioned above. Don’t judge a cabinet by its type, there are different levels of durability in these three options.

Stock vs. Custom Cabinets: Which is Best?

When it comes to RTA cabinets, they come in standard and custom options with most manufacturers. Unlike custom cabinets, which are built to the specifications of a particular order, standard cabinets are built in standard sizes. The manufacturer will keep them in inventory and then ship them to various distributors or dealers for sale.

When shopping around, keep in mind that anything handcrafted to include RTA cabinets will cost more than something mass produced. Additional talent and time are included in the additional cost of a custom cabinet. Also, custom RTA cabinets need additional build time because they are produced from scratch. Please allow up to twelve weeks for them to be ready to ship.

When choosing in-stock RTA cabinets, the main draw is fast delivery and price. They are much less expensive than custom ones, in some cases up to a third less than their custom counterparts. If one searches for a direct supplier, one can also save a lot since they are not paying for a physical store and all the related expenses.

Face frame or no frame?

When beginning to shop for cabinets, customers will discover that there are two main types to consider; face frame and no frame. Most manufacturers will offer one or the other rather than both. Most are face frames, especially in the US.

The front frame-style cabinet uses a frame construction and offset hinges, while the frameless cabinet has a box-style construction. They are comprised of ½-inch plywood and the front edges feature a hardwood frame that is typically 1×2. This helps them stay rigid and strong even after the hinges are attached. The frame is flush with the frame or overlaps a bit.

RTA cabinets are better than ever

In closing, buyers shouldn’t shy away from RTA cabinets. There is a myth that they are not as resistant as those that are already assembled, but that is not true! In any case, the buyer can be sure that they are well assembled because they have done it themselves. Thus, they save money and ensure stability, making them the best bet when it comes to any kitchen remodel.

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