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Is There a Grocery Delivery Service Available For Southampton Student Accommodation?

Service Available For Southampton Student Accommodation

For those who do not have a car, are too sick to get out or simply do not feel like going out shopping, food and household supplies can be delivered to your student accommodation. From snacks, drinks and toiletries to cleaning products, medicine and even meat, there are many ways students can have groceries delivered to them. Some of these delivery services come straight from supermarkets while others are provided by third-party companies such as Instacart and Shipt. There are also subscription services, such as Dollar Shave Club and Lola that save you money on toiletries or clothing stores, such as StitchFix and Menlo, that deliver new clothes directly to your door.

The university has adapted to keep its Southampton student accommodation safe and has introduced Campus Market, which is a grocery delivery service. This has been designed to help Queen’s students and members of the Kingston community stay at home and promote physical distancing while reducing congestion at local grocery stores. The service will be free of charge to students for a limited time.

There is a full list of available options and more information can be found on the Hospitality Services website. In addition to this, students can also order their groceries online from H-E-B who have added a service hub at the university. This will be open throughout the pandemic and is aimed at promoting independence for students who are unable to travel far from their homes.

Is There a Grocery Delivery Service Available For Southampton Student Accommodation?

Other third-party delivery services include Amazon Prime which can be a great way to save on essentials and to receive free one or two day shipping. For those who may not have access to a car, the On-Call Shuttle will do pickups and drop-offs at a number of supermarkets including East Side Marketplace, Stop & Shop and Walmart.

Accommodation providers can establish programs and events to engage parents and families of students living in accommodation. This can include orientation sessions, family weekends, or parent newsletters to keep families informed about the well-being and progress of their children. By involving parents and families, accommodation providers build strong partnerships and create a support network that extends beyond the university campus.

Some of the larger Southampton student accommodation are getting in on the action and offering their own delivery services, such as Kroger, Safeway and Albertson’s. These can be cheaper than the third-party options and often have sales and specials advertised.

Then there are same-day delivery apps, such as Getir, Gorillas and GetFresh which offer grocery deliveries as well. These work a little differently from the food takeaway apps but are still quite convenient for anyone who cannot make it out of their apartment or house to go shopping and needs to stock up on supplies.

When ordering through any of these services, it is important to consider the amount you are spending, including any membership fees, delivery charges and taxes. Also be sure to factor in the cost of your delivery service’s fuel and the driver’s tip.

Finally, if you live on campus, it is best to use the specific instructions for your residence hall when placing an order. If you do not, your food or supplies could be delivered to the wrong building and may go bad before you have a chance to enjoy them. This is especially important if you are quarantined and are not planning to leave your room.

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