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How to Make Mini Bath Bombs For Kids

Mini Bath Bombs For Kids

When you make your own DIY bath bomb recipe, you can choose to add liquid ingredients slowly or quickly. While whisking the mixture, you can add a few drops of each ingredient to maintain the fizziness of the finished product. For a more medicinal bomb, add some peppermint or eucalyptus vapor rub. For the youngest children, you can choose a scent that is both relaxing and fun.

For scent, many DIY Bath bombs for kids use vegetable oils or other carriers such as coconut, olive, or sweet almond. You can also use essential oils, such as lavender or lemon. You can also add a little lemon zest and/or juice, or vanilla extract to make the bath bomb smell pleasantly fragrant. Baking soda and citric acid are also added to create a fizzing foundation. For an added effect, you can also use cookie cutters for bath bomb molds.

To make DIY bath bombs, you can buy kits or purchase kits that include colored baking soda and fragrance oil. The kits typically contain a perforated bath bomb mold and all the ingredients you need to make one. Several kiddie kits include everything you need to create a bath bomb, including scent oils and essential oils. Kids can also try their hand at soap making by purchasing one of the many DIY kits on the market.

How to Make Mini Bath Bombs For Kids

Mini bath bombs with toys inside are a fun way to reward your child’s creativity while giving them a relaxing bath time. They’re made with natural ingredients like SODIUM BICARBONATE, which is a natural cleanser that boosts immunity and draws out impurities from the body. Also, EPSOM SALTS help exfoliate dead skin cells and soften rough skin. ORGANIC OLIVE OIL moisturizes and soothes dry, itchy skin.

Once you’ve mixed the ingredients, pour them into a clean, dry container. Place one secret magic grow animal pill in the middle of each mini bath bomb. If using a flat mold, level it first before adding the ingredients. After mixing and stirring, the bath bombs should sit for at least 24 hours in the refrigerator before being used. This will prevent them from degrading and losing their properties. In addition, the bath bombs will last up to six months if they’re stored properly.

While homemade bath bombs are easy to make, there are certain things you should consider before using them with kids. First, remember that water can prematurely ignite the reaction between citric acid and baking soda. Adding water can cause the bath bomb to fizz too quickly, causing the bomb to flatten. Therefore, it’s best to make bath bombs with a dry recipe. You can also substitute some of the ingredients with other natural products such as coconut oil, corn starch, and fine sea salt.

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