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How to fix the "Do you want to open this file?" Warning in Windows: fix this error quickly

Sometimes when you get security warnings in Windows Vista or Windows 7 when opening a file, the first thing you think of is that it could be a virus. In some cases, this is what causes the problem. However, there is a problem in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that may not be due to this, and just changing a few settings can correct this before you panic and call a technician.

One of those mistakes is this. When you try to open a program from the Windows start menu, you receive an error stating. “file open – security warning” appears in a box that opens. Inside the box it says, “do you want to open this file?” and then it will tell you what the file is. What makes many people panic when they see this error is that at the bottom of the drop-down box there is a warning that says “While Internet files can be useful, this type of file can harm your computer.”

When people see this, their first reaction is that their computer has been attacked by a virus or malware or it is a fake warning message. In fact, this message is due to security levels in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and you can get rid of this error easily.

This problem usually occurs when the integrity or security levels for the taskbar and start menu are changed, either accidentally or on purpose, and there is an easy fix for this problem that you can fix in minutes.

Here’s how to fix this error.

# 1 Click the start button on the Windows taskbar, then all programs, and then go to accessories. In accessories, scroll down to the command prompt and right-click on it. In the drop-down menu that appears, click “run as administrator”. If there is a password for the account, you will be prompted.

You must run the command prompt as an administrator for this to work, so it is important that you open it by following the previous step. Once you have done this, the command prompt box will open and then go to the next step.

# 2 Type or copy and paste the following text from here into the command prompt box without the quotes:

“ICACLS”% programdata% Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs “/ Setintegritylevel (OI) (CI) Medium”

# 3 Once you’ve done this, hit enter and close the box. You should no longer see this error.

If you are still getting security errors while opening files or running programs and you also notice that your computer has slowed down, it may also be infected with malware or worse. In this case, run a full virus scan.

If the warning message box that appears tells you that you need to download and purchase software to fix this error, then the message is likely being generated by malware. If you’ve followed the steps above, the next step is to run a system and registry scanner to find out what the problem is. This will quickly stop any running malware and remove it for good.

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