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How to draw a Jumbo Jet

Jumbo jet is a wide-body aircraft, named for the famous Jumbo elephant. It is generally known as the Boeing 747.

To draw a jumbo jet we require:
• Pencil
• Eraser
• Canvas or paper
• Colors and brush (optional)

Draw a jumbo jet:

• Outline: First we will draw the plane lightly and roughly so that unwanted lines can be easily erased later. Today, we will draw an airplane looking to the left and flying in the sky in a systematic way.

• Body: For the body of the plane, draw an elongated carrot shape horizontally, so that the widest end of the structure is to our left. The size of this oval will be according to the size of the plane you want to draw. Draw a wide-angle cone with its vertex to the left at the widest end, representing the tip of the plane.

• Wings: Draw two trapezoids on each side of the body so that the shorter of the two parallel sides forms the outer edge of the airplane’s wings. The wing towards our end should be drawn from the center of the body of the plane, while the one away from us will start from the upper outline of the structure.

• Engines – Since our aircraft is facing left, only the engine of the wing closest to us would be visible. Draw a cylinder underneath it and toward the front section to represent the engine. From the center of the cylinder circle, draw numerous straight lines to the circumference of this circle.

• Tail: Draw another vertical trapezoid one size smaller than the wings with the wider side of the two parallel sides in the center of the body and the shorter side pointing up.

• Cabin and windows: draw a rectangle on top and inside the tapered nose. This is the cockpit of the plane. Small miniature squares can be drawn in the center of the body along its length indicating the windows.

• Shading: Clouds may be drawn around the plane to make it appear to be floating in the sky. For the clouds, draw round wavy curls of different sizes. Erase unwanted lines and darken the rest with the pencil. Shading and coloring the drawing will complete the image.

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