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How to choose a commercial laminate

The Skinny in Commercial Laminate Flooring

If you visit a flooring showroom, you are likely to see dozens and dozens of different laminate options. Before you start shopping, be sure to look for commercial deals rather than residential deals. High-quality commercial laminate is made up of a sequence of durable layers designed to provide superior stability and long life.

Choose the correct grade

When it comes to laminates, choosing floors with the proper AC rating is critical. CA classifications describe the type of traffic that different products can handle.

  • AC1: These floors are ideal for light residential use in spaces such as bedrooms.
  • AC2: These floors are designed for moderate residential use in areas such as kitchens and living rooms.
  • AC3: These floors are ideal for light commercial traffic or heavy residential traffic.
  • AC4 – These floors are designed for light to moderate commercial use and feature an extra durable wear layer.
  • AC5 – These floors are ideal for moderate to high traffic commercial buildings such as supermarkets and busy offices.

To ensure the longest possible product life and the best installation results, we only offer laminate flooring rated AC3 or higher on S&G Carpet and More.

More options for your space

In addition to offering durability, laminate also offers flexibility in large and small spaces. Laminate floors are available in a variety of plank widths and tile sizes. If you work with a very large space, choose long, wide boards or striking tiles. If you are working with a smaller area, opt for narrower tiles or boards. Choosing boards that are too wide will make a small room appear even smaller.

If your floors are likely to get wet regularly, you should also choose floors designed to repel water. A great option is COREtec, which features a waterproof core. We recommend these floors for commercial kitchens and bathrooms, as well as commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic.

Laminate to match your space

Of course, laminate also offers many design options. Features a decorative layer printed to look like wood, stone, tile, and a variety of other patterns. As you shop, think about the overall feel of your space. Determine what furniture will be placed on the floor and make sure that the upholstery and the floor do not collide. It’s a good idea to stick to classic wood and stone options for professional spaces.

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