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Habits can contribute to your success or misery

“Why do people not succeed in life? I can tell you it’s because of habitual habits that lower their chance of sustainable success. Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or destroy us. We become what we repeatedly do.” Sean Covey

The dictionary points out that a habit is a routine of behavior; it is a fixed way of thinking more or less about something. So if I have a habit of running every morning, exercising and eating healthy meals every day to keep my body and mind healthy and fit, then those are good habits. On the other hand, if I smoke cigarettes or vape every day, which causes harm and many diseases to my body and poor health, then smoking is a bad habit.

I have a saying that goes “it’s not what you are that stops you, it’s what you think you’re not that stops you”. We have full control over our destiny, but we don’t chase after it. The beginning of a habit is what you digest in your mind every minute of the day. Those thoughts, dreams or visions become part of your subconscious that forms these habits. “We become what we think” day after day. Your mind is the sum total of the habits and thoughts that enter your subconscious. Those thoughts are put into actions, and those actions have become habits. It sounds simple, but why don’t people succeed in life?

John Dryden says, “First we make our clothes, and then our clothes make us.”

“If you don’t like the results you see every day, then change it. Your clothes will determine your future.” -Jack Canfield

So if you like where you’re going, then stay on the path. If not, then change your address. I have three suggestions.

  1. Read books that inspire you, motivate you, and give you purpose. For example, read the Bible (chapters in Proverbs and/or the book Psalm). Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and/or The 15 Priceless Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell. Digest these materials day and night. You must intend to pour into your subconscious the pure, the powerful, and the determined. Lastly, listen to successful people and study how they form successful habits.
  1. Surround yourself with successful people. There is a saying: “You are the average of the five people you associate with.” If you hang out with highly motivated and successful people, then it will rub off on you. “Remember, your association determines your destiny.” – Myles Monroe.

  1. If you can’t change your habits, join a group of men or women who will not only motivate you but hold you accountable.

Success comes with deliberate actions and behaviors. These actions and behaviors form habits and routines. When we fail, it is often easy to lose confidence in ourselves. You must visualize and believe that you can change bad clothes for good clothes. Remember, success comes with deliberate actions.

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