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Every Christian should have a big mouth for God!

Open your Bible to Isaiah 12: 4, it says … And you will say on that day: Praise the Lord, call on his name, make known his works among the peoples, proclaim that his name is exalted.

Something wonderful happens when you start talking about the goodness of God! Even in the dark places, even in the dark times. God can turn your backhand into a comeback. Yes, God knows exactly what He can accomplish through you. You see, here’s the spiritual secret. Every Christian should have a big mouth for God! God invites you to use your mouth for His glory.

It must not only enter into God’s Word, it must also enter you. Why? Then you can use your mouth to point people to Christ. Talk about Jesus to as many people as possible. The goal of the Christian life is to exalt and lift the name of Jesus higher and higher. Your focus should be on Jesus and His Truth and planning your life. God is in control because your mind is set on His Truth and the spiritual principles that you live from day to day.

God becomes your greatest delight and you enjoy talking about your relationship with him. Meditating on your heart is speaking His Word and hungering for God’s presence. The power of God is working in you when you speak the Holy Spirit-inspired Scriptures. Your voice is acceptable and approved by God because the Gospel is the good news that you thank God for every day.

Are you spreading the message about the good news of salvation through Christ? Do you confess that Jesus himself is more important to you than anything else in the world? Are you happy to talk about the blessings and benefits God is continually giving you? Many people think that life is about them. But when you received Christ, the Spirit of God settled within you. Now learn and practice using your mouth for God.

Do not miss it! Lose what? Use your mouth to thank the Lord and call on his name. I could fall flat on my face right now and praise God! Jesus is the absolute joy of my life. I don’t know any other way to put it.

God has bigger things ahead of you! His Word tells us that He does extraordinary, miraculous, wonderful, and amazing things. If you are still waiting for God to help you, don’t stop believing. Stay focused and stay in faith. Keep reading your scriptures day and night.

Make the pursuit of God your ongoing lifestyle! Wait for God to appear and the angels to help you. Start by letting your hunger for God’s Word consume you. Hallelujah! Open your mouth and say: Thank God!

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