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Ellen Crofts Supreme Pilates – The good and the bad

The Ellen Crofts Supreme Pilates machine is no ordinary Pilates reformer. It is much more and also very different than the other Pilates reformers. But to think that it only has good points would be a mistake. All exercise equipment has some good points and some bad points. Let’s take a look at the Supreme Pilates reformer now:

The good

  • Added Resistance: One of the things that sets it apart the most is the added resistance. The added resistance helps provide a more challenging workout and can cause you to burn more calories.

  • Convenient: You can use the Supreme Pilates Reformer to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

  • Compact – Once your workout is done, you can fold the Supreme Pilates machine and store it under a bed.

  • Full Body Exercise: The Ultimate Reformer tones and exercises the entire body.

  • Best for Toning and Firming: It is best suited to help you tone and firm your body.

  • Strengthens the Core – Will give you a strong and defined core (your lower back muscles, abs and hip flexors)

The bad

  • Hard to find one – One of the main downsides is that it’s extremely hard to find a new Supreme Pilates reformer – even second hand ones are pretty scary.

  • Great Investment – ​​Although the machine will not make a huge dent in your pocket, it is still a great investment and you will need a substantial amount for it.

  • Does not include cardio: There is no cardio involved in the exercise and rather it focuses on toning.

  • Not as effective for weight loss: Although some people can lose some weight, their main goal is not to lose weight.

Now that you know the good and bad of the Supreme Pilates reformer, you can make an informed decision about whether or not the machine is right for you.

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