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Can a womanizer be faithful?

So before you wonder if a womanizer can be faithful, perhaps a better question should be who falls under the description of ‘womanizer’?

Come on, at some point or another we’ve all met a womanizer whether it’s in the hallways of high school or in the workplace or in college; And whether you choose to call him ‘the man-whore’, or ‘skirt hunter’ or whatever, he is what he is. The womanizer is that man who has a “wandering eye” and an almost reflexive inability to attach himself to a woman. You can actually do everything you can to hold out for a while, but you have to wonder if a womanizer can be faithful.

Well, here it is in black and white: a womanizer can eventually be faithful. But consider this: What made you a womanizer in the first place is probably the long line of women waiting in line ready to fall into the curve of a finger because they think they will be ‘the only one’ you will be left with forever. So while you harbor cuddly dreams of being your ‘last bus stop’, it may end up being just another notch in the bedpost.

The Casanovas of today are as numerous as grains of sand along the seashore and if you are reading this article because you already know that your heart beats is a womanizer, then good for you, because most womanizers to they often manage to live every day. behind a mask. So if you’ve unmasked yours, read on to find out if he can ever be truly monogamous.

1. In the first place, you cannot change a man who does not want to be changed; so you should know that the desire to kick his rather unpleasant habit of spreading like cheap wine must come from him, it must be his own idea!

2. Understand that a player is ultimately a man who lives in fear of being forced to make a commitment, so if you wonder if he will change, he will most likely pick up on your thoughts and start attacking you. because he’s starting to feel caged.

3. Must be unavailable. Players are hunters. If you are available one player will grab as much as he can and run into the hills, but if you are not available he will just start chasing you and if the two of you are finally there for each other he will keep doing so until he catches it. But if he’s just chasing you for the fun of the game, then you know for sure that he’ll give up eventually.

4. A womanizer can ultimately be faithful if he falls in love with someone and cannot bear to hurt or lose her. However, you should be aware that you may occasionally “fall off the wagon.”

There really is no hard and fast rule: a womanizer can become faithful for life, deciding that he is now too old for the game or that he is simply content with life as it is; Or it can always go back to where you found it like a pig rolling around in the dirt, taking a bath, and spinning around some more, no pun intended.

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