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Aruba Vacations: The Best of Sun and Sand

Aruba – If you love sun and sand, you will surely love this exotic island located 27 km north of Venezuela. The sun shines down to melt away your stress here and the waves crash onto the beaches to wash all your tension away in a zap. Natural beaches, sparkling clean roads and panoramic blue skies mark Aruba with a grandeur that draws travelers to its cradle year-round from destinations around the world. Vacations in Aruba are the best if you want to live a dream vacation in the Caribbean.

The western and southern fringes of this coastal island are interspersed with some of the best hotels in the area. Almost all good hotels offer attractive packages to travelers who visit the place in high and low season. State-of-the-art facilities and services combined with a rich and luxurious dining, spa and casino fare make Aruba a luxury vacation destination with timeless appeal.

Any discussion of vacations in Aruba is incomplete without mention of its beaches. Unspoilt white sandy beaches covered in powdery white sand and fringed with whispering palm trees – nowhere else can you find a better place to relax and enjoy the sun. Don’t forget to bring your favorite beachwear with you, as it is impossible to ignore the lure of clear blue and shimmering ocean waves in this paradise. Enjoy water sports on Aruba’s beaches, enjoy swimming, participate in water skiing/snorkeling, and take a dip in the blue waters at least once; nowhere else will you get a better view of such a large collection of tropical fish.

The beaches located on the northwestern and eastern edges of Aruba are the best spots for surfing and kitesurfing. The beaches located on the south western side are much quieter and are frequented by travelers seeking relaxation and bathing. However, all the beaches are stunning and boast some of the best restaurants and restaurants in the area.

Aruba’s most popular beaches are Palm Beach, famous for its idyllic activities; Baby Beach known for its quiet scenic luxuries; and Eagle Beach for its serene setting. Havana Beach and Roger Beach are also worth mentioning. The island’s coral reef is a big draw for travelers to Aruba. Explorers looking for a touch of adventure on their vacation can flock to Arikok National Park for hiking trails. The park is known for its incredible collection of exotic wildlife. Other sporting activities that are also available to enjoy your days include golf, tennis and horse riding.

The inhabitants of Aruba are mainly African and European mixed with a good population of Caquetio Indians. The local economy depends on gold mining, aloe cultivation, and oil refineries. Tourism has contributed greatly to strengthening the economy here, as Aruba vacations have become extremely popular around the world and tourists looking for unforgettable beach or island vacation experiences show a predominant preference for this exotic destination in the Caribbean section. Talk about paradise and Aruba is the epitome of it! Come and experience the magic.

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