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A way to take advantage of the secret visualization tool

References to the subconscious mind

If you’re on the Secret mailing list, or have even searched for popular videos posted on YouTube, you’re probably familiar with the Secret Viewer Tool. I watch this video every day, at least once, and I wanted to share a particularly simple technique that I use to create a more impressionable subconscious to absorb the affirmations in that video. (Just repeating affirmations while in an awake Beta state has never done much for me personally)

Books abound that explore the power of the subconscious mind and the powerful, all-encompassing influence it has on us. There were even several speakers in the Secret (the entire feature film), who directly or indirectly admitted their recognition of this greater mind, and the following includes a few examples:

The most specific reference to this subconscious level of our mind was provided by Michael Beckwith:

You end up attracting to yourself the predominant thoughts that you have in your consciousness, whether those thoughts are conscious or unconscious; that’s the problem.

Jack Canfield’s example of attaching what appeared to be a $100,000 dollar bill to his roof is a classic example of a routine subconscious reprogramming exercise. He looked at it when he woke up, and he also saw it as the last thing before he fell asleep: two different times when you don’t have to work to immerse yourself in the deeper alpha brain wave. The Alpha just happens naturally.

Finally, Loral Langemeier makes indirect reference (in the quote below) to the effect of our subconscious programming when he spoke of the challenge associated with affirming oneself, the affirmation: “Money comes easily and frequently.”

“At first it is a lie. It’s a tennis match that lasts a while.”

And what this means is the resistance offered by the layers of belief below consciousness.

The procedures of the procedure

Before I click the Play button on the Visualization Tool video, I close my eyes, take two deep breaths, and just think “Alpha.”

How does the simple act of thinking a word or phrase instantly shift my brainwave state into the Alpha state?

In order for me to switch to this lowered brain wave state, I had to prepare my subconscious beforehand to activate this lowered state.

First, I prepared an assertion like:

“When I think of the word ‘Alpha,’ I instantly and easily experience this relaxed state of mind.”

I did this for 14 days straight (just to make sure, but that’s just me), to verify that the association between the word and the actual brain wave state really kicked in. You may not have had to do this meditation as many times, and I’m sure it will take you much less time.

For these “alpha trigger” meditations (which program this switch within me), I obviously needed a way to get into the alpha state in the first place!

So, for these 14 cases, I used a technique that I have seen from many sources, and possibly started by José Silva. And that is simply counting from 100 to 1, relaxed and with your eyes closed. If you take it seriously and only focus on the numbers and nothing else, you will probably fall into a deeper state much sooner, maybe around the 80 count.

Once you begin to feel that state where your body jumps and/or you see strange images that don’t make sense, you are experiencing what is called the “hypnagogic” state.

This means that you are in the Theta state, which is deeper and better than the Alpha state for subconscious programming, as long as you don’t fall asleep. However, the Alpha state comes quite easily just by counting down and keeping your eyes closed. I personally find this to be an effective point where my subconscious is now ready to accept suggestions.

Other uses for this new timed activation ability

Now that you have the ability to switch to Alpha instantly, don’t just use this Alpha “trigger” to get ready to see the Visualization Tool.

use it what’s more to program your goals into your subconscious.

For example, when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, or the washing machine to stop spinning, or during a commercial break, first put yourself in the Alpha state and then read a list of goals you have, all the time. feeling Feelings like you’re owning these goals just now. Or read all the features of a single meta and get excited about all these ways you’ll benefit from the meta.

When you are in Alpha, your conscious mind tends not to interfere, allowing your subconscious to react slowly. write about a belief of No must now have it. Combining both: A suggestive mood, coupled with an intense feeling Status is extra powerful.

You see, the Universal Principle of the Law of Attraction will not tolerate, for long, that Aspirethat is created when your imagination has carved out that new belief, but the thing does not yet exist in the material world.

The imagined target will be Out-Pictured in the most convenient way and through the most efficient channels. However, note that we have to do wear It starts when our inner intuition pushes us towards an action.

In The Secret Movie, for example, the woman who desired the boyfriend obeyed her inner voice to accept the invitation to go to a party.

In summary:

1.) Create the “switch” in either of two ways:

  • Tape a guided imagery that first relaxes you and then prompts you to state, “When I think of the word ‘Alpha,’ I instantly and easily experience this relaxed state of mind.”
  • Just start counting from 100 to 1, and when you’re relaxed enough (when you feel like you’re less aware of your body), say this affirmation

2.) Use this switch by going to Alpha before looking at affirmations, or during down times, go to Alpha and then look at the desired target. The Alpha state will remove the opposite chatter that Loral Langemeier mentioned earlier.

I hope you discover the many benefits of harnessing the alpha brainwave state in relation to goal manifestation.

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