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5 Secret Steps Of Bonded Note Under UCC And Other Federal Laws

The bonded note pays off your debts and creates debts for you under UCC and other federal laws. You already know that your mortgage note and mortgage contract put you in debt when you bought your home or commercial property, so we’ll focus on the secrets of the secured note to get you out of debt in the next article. The secrets are:

  1. Knowing the bonded promissory note law is the most important thing.
  2. Presenting complete UCC1 information is the key
  3. Knowing your bonus number is crucial
  4. Knowing in whose name to make the secured promissory note is very important
  5. Knowing the judicial side will allow you to obtain a home or commercial mortgage and a debt-free note

All products of the economic system are prepaid by virtue of public policy Law (PL 73-10)that no longer exists constitutionally, article 8 and 10, authorizing gold and silver money to “pay” in law with. You have the right to cancel any public or private debt since June 1933. The bonded note can be used to offset any debt. The IRS recognizes bonds as a form of payment. The instrument delivered to the bank and negotiated with the United States Treasury for liquidation is a “Obligation of THE UNITED STATES, BANKRUPTCY” under Title 18 USC Section 8which represents a “certificate of debt… issued in the name of an authorized official of the United States”, and in this case, the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.

When you file a complete UCC1 financial statement consisting of approximately 24 pages, you are the Debtor and the Creditor of everything you own or will own in the future. This UCC1 form is filed with your Secretary of State and is then a public record. This gives you control of your value and property as executor and administrator of your front man corporate entity under the Law HJR 192. This is a very important step in the bonded notes debt relief process and should not be skipped.

The link behind this started when you were born and you were born, as a ship in dock, under maritime law, then the state issued you an original certificate that is kept at your state capitol, like a bill of lading, or cargo of the ship, which has its series of bonus numbers in red on either the front or back. This is your bond number(s) with your state and federal government, along with your social security number, which you give your straw man in all caps, per public policy mandated by 73-10, HJR 192, where the US government stripped the gold/silver backing of the currency, making it impossible to “pay” by law anything the bonded note makes possible to pay off your debts. The government confiscated the gold in 1933, and now must pay the bills for us in accordance with public law. HJR 192. It is your own inability to pay pursuant to law as a result of this executive order that gives you the ability/authority to require items to be treated as prepaid using the collateral promissory note and/or bill of exchange that are considered money under CAU Article 2.

You must make your bonded promissory note to the appropriate person or entity. This depends on whether you are in foreclosure or if you are current on your bills. Example: If you give it to the foreclosure lawyer hoping it will make it to the bank, you have just given the lawyer thousands of dollars and your mortgage will be foreclosed, because the bank did not receive the full payment offered.

Then you must go to court on the judicial side to get your home or commercial mortgage and note debt free and recognized by banks and the world. This is done through a quiet title lawsuit in which you are the plaintiff and the injured party.

All 5 steps are required to use the collateral promissory note to pay off all your debts. This should allow you to be debt free as per public policy 73-10, HJR 192, the straw man law of 1933.

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