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5 Apartment Decorating Ideas Your Bank Account Will Appreciate

The fact that you rent an apartment or a house instead of owning it does not mean that you cannot make it your space. Apartment decorating inside and out is a great way to enhance the living room so your neighbors will appreciate it too. There are plenty of cheap apartment decorations out there that won’t break the bank. When choosing the decoration of your apartment, remember to think about things that are not permanent. There are no design choices worth risking your security deposit for.

1. Hang artwork. Art doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. When looking for great works of art, look for prints rather than paintings at your local craft fair or even online. Get creative and take pretty pictures out of magazines if you want. Put the prints in inexpensive frames and hang them on the wall. Make art really stand out by mixing and matching frame styles and sizes. Play around with the grouping of the frames before hanging. If you’re not allowed to put nails in the wall, invest in removable adhesives to hang the art.

2. Bring textiles. A little bit of fabric can go a long way. One way to improve the look of your kitchen is to hang dish towels on cabinet door handles. The towels serve as decoration and give you something to dry your dishes and hands. Hang fabric curtains on the windows to decorate the apartment and give yourself some privacy. A tablecloth or placemat set adds color and visual interest to a dining table without breaking the bank. To add visual appeal to the kitchen and bathroom, mixing and matching textiles adds a personal touch to your apartment.

3. Hang a mirror. Mirrors are a fantastic decoration for apartments. They not only add decor to your space, but also allow you to overhaul your appearance and also make a small space appear larger. Choose a single large mirror to hang in your living room, or group several smaller mirrors together. Mixing small mirrors with your artwork adds interest and space to your room. Get a deal on a mirror by looking at thrift stores or flea markets.

4. Light some candles. Candles, whether they’re tealights, candlesticks or pillars, are an easy way to add an elegant touch to your apartment. Place the candles on your dining table or place them in a group on a coffee table. If you also want to decorate with aroma, look for scented candles.

5. Use floor cushions. Floor cushions are a practical way to add a decorative touch to your apartment. They are useful if you like to entertain but don’t have a lot of room for furniture and need extra seating. Choose floor cushions in a design that matches your furniture. When not in use, they can sit in the corner and serve a decorative purpose.

Areas directly connected to the outside of your apartment, such as the balcony or patio, are extensions of your living space. Do some container gardening that will not only enhance the space, but also enhance your kitchen! Put up a statue, hang a wind chime or solar reflectors, or create a small garden area with potted trees, flowers, and decorative wood or landscape blocks. With great apartment decorating ideas like these, don’t be surprised if your neighbors come over and ask you for advice on how to decorate their apartments.

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